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Uncovering Facts and Evidence

AR Investigations in San Dimas, California is your partner in your search for truth and justice. We conduct investigations for civil, criminal defense, family law, and other cases. Count on us to help you gather accurate information and uncover facts and evidence on the subject in question. Get in touch with us today.


Why Choose Us

  • Hands-On Approach to Every Case
  • Personalized Service, Not Cookie Cutter
  • Efficient Process
  • Genuine Interest in the Case and Your Well-Being
  • Respect Information Obtained
  • Maintain Urgency and Sensitivity of Process and Request

Mission Statement

AR Investigations is owned and operated by Angelo Roman, Jr., a licensed private investigator and experienced legal professional. He has more than 45 years of experience in the legal profession. With our help, we aim to assist attorneys, law firms, legal professionals, individuals and small businesses, in search of truth, facts, and justice with the goal of always delivering positive results in mind.

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